April 15th, 2007

Giants Fanatic

Frostbite Avoided

Yesterday, Cheryl and I took the train into Chicago joined by a lot of people dressed in blue-and-white -- the 9:20 Express does indeed look like a good deal for attending a Noon ball game at Wrigley Field -- and made our way to the park.

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Wrigley Field is definitely in a neighborhood, not isolated on a sea of asphalt in an area where nobody wants to live like Candlestick Point. It's a short two block walk from the CTA station to the park. A t-shirt vendor hawked his wares and bemoaned the Cubs' slow start: "$5 t-shirts! Half price t-shirts until the Cubs win a home game! $5 shirts! May be $10 after the game, but probably not!"

While we were approaching the ticket windows, a woman approached us and offered to sell us a pair of $22 lower terrace seats for the price of one (her daughter couldn't use them, apparently) and we took that offer. I'm glad we did, as the lower terrace seats were slightly more sheltered than the seats we probably would have bought, and that was important, considering the weather. We had a pretty good view overlooking third base.

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I'm glad I made a pilgrimage to Wrigley Field, and I can see the attractive elements. If I'm in town again when the Giants are playing, I will definitely make an effort to attend. (It does make me wish my company would send me here in mid-July this year, although that's unlikely and would disrupt the rest of my life for other reasons.) But the park has relatively few amenities, not enough bathrooms, and not much variety in food as far as I can see. It's okay, but not exactly the place of perfection some seem to call it. Newer-built parks such as Emperor Norton Field in San Francisco have the benefit of learning from other older parks and incorporating design improvements. But I'm biased, of course.

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Today, we're taking advantage of having unlimited-ride Metra weekend passes to head back into Chicago and probably see a few museums.
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