April 19th, 2007

Manga Kevin

Why I Won't Be Attending BayCon 2008

I've been invited to be Fan Guest of Honor of Marcon 43, May 23-25, 2008, in Columbus, Ohio. (That's next year, folks; I will be at BayCon this year as usual.) Marcon has not announced their full slate of guests yet (they're only a month out from this year's event), but their Guest Relations Director told me that "you can tell people about this as soon as you want," and I'm delighted to announce it now.

This will actually be the first time that I'm announced-in-advance FGoH of a "standing" convention that actually happens, assuming The Curse of The Kevin doesn't strike. I was to be FGoH of Eclecticon 6 in Sacramento before the convention folded. I was FGoH of BayCon '93, but that was the year the members elected the FGoH at the con, and I know a bit about elections. I have been the FGoH-designee of a bidded convention that did not win its bid (obviously, I can't say much more than that, and I won't play Twenty Questions about what con/bid it was, so don't ask). I was of course FGoH of CascadiaCon (to whose site I can't link easily because for some reason my company's net-nanny doesn't like it), another bidded convention.

So anyway, I'm really pleased and flattered to be asked to attend, even though I'm not a "Big Name Fan" in those parts. As I told them when I accepted, I hope that I'll be a trouble-free guest who adds value to the convention.

Now, the question will be how much of the FGoH Exhibit material I developed for NASFiC should I take to Columbus with me. It will depend, of course, on how much exhibit space they want or have to give me. And it's not likely that the costume portion of the exhibit will actually make the trip; it's a right hassle to transport, let alone display properly.
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