April 23rd, 2007

Whimsical Kevin

Pixel-Stained Technopeasants

Cheryl sent me the following, which I think would be of interest to many people here:
I have been observing the outpouring of support for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day and wondering what I might do to add my name to the rolls. Unfortunately I haven't written any novels. Indeed, I don't think that I have written any fiction that would not cause people's eyeballs to bleed on reading it. Therefore I don't have any fiction to post.

I have, of course, written rather a lot of book reviews and have published them online for free. However, in order to qualify as a genuine webscab I would need to be a professional book reviewer who qualifies for membership of the Book Review Writers of America. Somehow I don't think I'd get in.

On the other hand, it occurs to me I have been paid for writing convention reports (by Locus, no less!). What is more, I have also posted some con reports online for free, thereby condemning thousands of my fellow fan writers to a life of unremitting poverty. Bwa, ha, ha ,ha ha!!!!!

Does being a fan writer webscab qualify you for being an Evil Genius?
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