April 24th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Advance Look at BayCon/Westercon Hotel

Lisa tells me she's getting cabin fever for various reasons, including weather and (when the weather isn't bad) workers more or less trapping her inside the trailer while they work on demolishing an old garage. (I'm afraid her father is being taken advantage of by unscrupulous neigbors.) But anyway, she's thinking of coming down to the Bay Area this weekend. I'm considering using Marriott points I sort of forgot I had (I think I may have been planning to dump them into United miles at some point for the Japan trip) to buy a couple of nights at the San Mateo Marriott, which not only is very convenient to my office, but convenient for the Westercon committee meeting scheduled for this Saturday. (Unfortunately, I don't have enough for three nights, so if she wants to stay the whole weekend, we'll have to move for Sunday night, because I am not willing to spend $200 for the third night.)

Lisa won't know if she can go or not for maybe another day, partially because her vehicles are trapped on account of the idiots tearing down the old building are leaving a rubble that includes a lot of old nails across the access road in front of her vehicles. As they're being paid in whatever useful lumber they can salvage from the building, they don't really care if they leave a big mess behind. And they have an aggressive dog that they let run loose, which is why Lisa can't come out of the house when they're "working."

Afterthought, 14:30: Although the room rates at the San Mateo Marriott are higher than I would like (except for Saturday), I calculated that if I book a room there this weekend, along with some bonus Marriott points that would be triggered for the BayCon stay (stay twice during the period ending May 31 and get 2500 bonus ponints for the second stay), I would then have enough points to get two nights in Tokyo at the Courtyard Ginza. As we're planning three nights in Tokyo, I'd then have to buy the third night (JPY25,000) and hope it wouldn't require checking in and back out again in order to get three contiguous nights. (One thing we don't want to be doing is checking in and out of hotels every day of our stay; it wastes a whole lot of time in travel overhead.)
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Giants Fanatic

Beat LA!

Giants 5, Dodgers 3

That was a bit close, actually, with the Dodgers having the winning run at the plate.

I mentioned to Cheryl how the Dodger fans don't have a "Beat SF!" chant to match the Giants' "Beat LA."

She said, "Why should they? They've all gone home by now anyway."