April 29th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Why I May Have Seemed Distracted During the Westercon Meeting

Lisa has been having a problem with tinnitus -- ringing in the ears. From past experience, we know that she sometimes is susceptible to excess wax build-up, so when she got here yesterday, we used some over-the-counter ear wax removal solution as directed. Not only did it not work, but it left a bunch of fluid in her ears gurgling around and giving her an ear-ache. The pain made her so irritable this morning that we got into a fight and she nearly just headed back off to Oregon. Eventually she agreed to let me take her down to the urgent-care center after the Westercon meeting.

The meeting went on quite a while, for various reasons, mainly having to do with the fact that I was the center of attention, you might say. Almost everyone there had material for me of some sort, but I needed to wait for them to compose it or provide feedback on the draft PR copies I'd brought with me. This took several hours. Lisa patiently waited this out while her ear ached and gurgled away.

Around 4:30 PM or so, I finally had as much done as I could for now, and I told the few remaining people who were sitting there working on their contributions to e-mail them to me this evening, because we really needed to have Lisa's ears examined.

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We stopped by my office on the way back to the hotel so I could work on the PR and print out a new draft to take to Sunday's BayCon meeting, which has many of the same participants as the Westercon meeting. After I'd spent a while immersed in the work and Lisa explored my otherwise deserted office, she reminded me that I needed to have dinner and that it was after 8:30. I wasn't finished, but we needed to go now or we wouldn't be able to get anything.

Much to my annoyance, I left my hat in the office. I really need to wear a hat when driving, because otherwise the van's headliner rubs against my hair, which is very distracting. I figured I could put it off until later, as we planned on going back to my office after dinner so I could finish work.

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There was a lot more fiddly bits left to do on the PR than I realized. And it's still not done. There are two ads still pending, and a couple of significant articles. And I can't really finish the layout until I have those articles, because until I know how long they are, I can't finalize the total page count. The PR is currently 28 pages plus a "tip-in" site selection ballot that is to be bound into the middle of the PR, but if the articles either don't arrive or are much shorter than expected, I may have to cut and back to get to 24 pages; alternatively, depending on how much space I'm short, I might increase the point size of the Westercon bylaws from the eye-watering 7 points it's currently set to 8 points, which would add one page.

Anyway, it's so late now that I've decided to put off going to my office tonight. Lisa is restlessly trying to make the most of the bed -- last night she ended up sleeping on the floor on account of the bed being too soft for her -- and I'm pretty tired myself. I don't need to be at the start of the BayCon meeting, so I can probably go print this sometime early Sunday afternoon and bring it to BayCon's meeting later.