May 8th, 2007

Giants Fanatic

But They Were Great Seats...

Thanks to Trey Haddad for obtaining four excellent seats at tonight's Giants game (Lower Box 130, row 10, right behind the Giants bullpen), where Cheryl and I joined Trey and melchar in the pleasantly cool (after a hot day in the Bay Area) Emperor Norton Field. Alas, the Giants lost to the Mets 4-1, with the Giants sole run being Bonds' 745th home run, a deep shot to the center field bleachers.

Because I worked at home today, I went up to The City by BART (Cheryl went up early, having some business of her own in San Francisco this afternoon). Therefore, we didn't need to hustle down to the Caltrain station for one of the two post-game trains, but instead made our leisurely way along the Embarcadero to BART and headed home, reading our respective books.

All in all, it was an almost-perfect day, marred only by the fact that the wrong team won.