May 11th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Quick Trip Planning

I'm working from home today as originally scheduled, but I would have done so anyway because I was in the office until nearly 1 AM last night and more or less put in two days' work for the price of one on Thursday. Such is the nature of my job that panics like that happen sometimes.

I normally like to make my plans far in advance, but Mother's Day sort of sneaked up on me and with all of the other traveling I've been doing, I hadn't made plans until today. I called my mother this morning and found that she would be home this weekend, so Cheryl and I will go up to Yuba City tomorrow morning and deal with putting stuff into the storage locker, spend the night in YC, and go visit my mother on Sunday afternoon before returning to the Bay Area.

That does mean that there are things that we would have otherwise done this weekend that have to get done today instead. Must rush.

Hey, dinogrl, you never told me whether you wanted that bookshelf or not. If I get no takers for it soon, it's off to the thrift store with it, because the space it's using is about to be occupied by a new IKEA chest of drawers once we get it assembled.

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