May 12th, 2007


More Assembly Work

Cheryl and I committed more IKEA last night, assembling the chest of drawers that we'd purchased a few weeks ago but not had time to assemble. Even then, we didn't do it until late evening, with the India-Bangladesh one-day international cricket from MediaZone playing. After assembling the main frame, we got it down to quite the assembly line, with Cheryl assembling the drawers (the part that needs a rubber mallet to drive in the fasteners) and me attaching the sliders and handles (which goes faster when you have a power screwdriver).

Result: a second good chest of drawers, and all of the clothing that was previously stored on the old green bookcase is now stored away properly. The bookcase has been banished to the patio pending final disposition.
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Conrunner Kevin

On the Road Again

After getting up early to watch the first of the two Super 14 Rugby semi-finals from South Africa, we got ourselves packed up and on the road, driving to Yuba City. Checking in to the Holiday Inn Express, I asked why things were so crowded next weekend, and the desk clerk said, "Chico State Graduation; we're getting all the overflow." That makes sense.

Once again we have a television that has input jacks for external audio and video, but no way to tell the TV "look at the external inputs." I wonder if I were to get a "universal" remote, would it work on one of these sets and allow me to toggle the "TV/Video" setting.

While I tend to prefer wired hotel internet access to wireless, there is the drawback that with a wired connection, only one computer can use the line at a time. I guess we could get a little two-port mini-hub for this purpose -- yet another piece of hardware to haul along with us. Trying to plan for everything, we are increasingly looking like we're heading off on safari for six months with the number of different bits and pieces we end up carrying along with us.

But responsibilities summon us: once I finish composing this, I'll start downloading the second Super 14 semi-final, and then we need to get lunch and head out to my storage locker, where we will deposit five more paper boxes full of books. Later today, I plan to visit my grandfather in Sutter, and this evening, we should be able to make good use of the hotel's hot tub, as they have once again given me one of the rooms that fronts onto the pool deck.
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