May 15th, 2007

Gnomeward Bound

It Would be in the Site Selection Article

I had a look through the Westercon 60 Progress Report 2 that arrived in last night's mail, and, as is typical, found mistakes that had slipped through. Adding insult to injury is that one of the worst -- a sentence garbled -- is in the article about Westercon Site Selection, which I wrote. I think I know what happened. This was actually one of the first articles written for the PR. When the publication date slipped, I needed to go back and rewrite it, because it was talking about deadlines that had already passed. When I did that, I screwed up a sentence, leaving behind parts of the older wording.

I have nobody to blame but myself. Westercon printed from the PDF I produced, which was generated out of Microsoft Publisher, and nobody touched the source material or edited the PDF. Mea culpa