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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, May 18th, 2007

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Who Says Law is Boring?
Thanks to an exchange on the SMOFS list, I have been pointed at the most entertaining court ruling you're ever likely to read: Bradshaw v. Unity et al. Go read it. The first third is the normal dry stuff, but about one-third of the way down, it gets very interesting.

Current Mood: amused
Preparing Panelists
BayCon does not expect to be able to "tier" the panelist tables for Match Game SF the way we'd prefer, but will have to put the two banks of three side by side. I've pretty much decided to arrange the panelists in this order:

Tom Galloway
Esther Friesner
Doug Berry
Martin Young
Chris Garcia
Leigh Ann Hildebrand

We have four "regulars" and two "guest stars," and I wanted the two new folks to have "regulars" both before and after them if possible.

Current Mood: busy
More About Music
I have prepared the two Audio CDs of Match Game music, and prepared the CDs to (I hope) minimize any confusion at the Tech Desk.

They're Certainly Clearly LabeledCollapse )

I made two sets of two CDs, and will hand one set to Tech, keeping the other set in the Match Game Gear Box as a backup. There is nothing on these two disks other than the three pieces of music. I was told that they have a dual audio CD player as part of the tech setup, so they should be able to play the Main Title (Track 1) on disc 1, start using the "Think" music on disc 2, then between games play the "Plug" music on disk 1. I don't know if I can make it any easier than this.

Current Mood: accomplished

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