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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

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Match Game Loves eBay
As some of you know, I have obtained a new prop for use with Match Game SF

Here be pictures and moreCollapse )

If we can overcome the potential technical hurdle, we'll use this at BayCon. If not, it's okay; we can use ordinary equipment, and given how tight the timeframe for setup is, we may have to do that. But I do hope I get to use the new toy.

Current Mood: excited
What Am I Forgetting?
When we have lots of time to set up the area where we're going to do the show, we can do things at our leisure, but we'll only have a few minutes, so I've been working up a check-list of all the things that have to be moved onto the stage and what has to be on them..

Long Checklist Behind CutCollapse )

I have the front-of-table banners (3) printed, and we still have leftovers from our last show to use as backups. A new innovation for this show is that the Contestant table banner is not the Match Game logo, but is instead a large triangle and circle.

Current Mood: busy

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