May 28th, 2007

WSFS Captain 2

BayCon -- Sunday Evening

Tonight, of course, Lisa and I had nothing scheduled, but after settling the door key incident, we realized we should look into getting dinner. The hotel restaurant looked crowded, and it was 8:30, so walking over to Fresh Choice was out of the question -- they would have been about fifteen minutes from closing when we got there, and going to a buffet restaurant just before closing is a bad idea -- so instead we walked across the street to Trader Joe's and bought more sandwich fixings and had a light dinner in the hotel room. Then we put on our WSFS uniforms again and hit the parties.

Just as we were getting ready to eat, there was a knock on the door. Our neighbors turned out to be the Further Confusion party. Indeed, had we wanted to do so, we could have opened the connecting door and made is a two-room party. But there's too much stuff in this room for us to do that. We assured them that we're good fannish neighbors and not to worry from us about party noise.

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Tomorrow, we aren't rushing to get up early. We have the rest of the milk and cereal to use up before we pack up and move out.
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We held a basfa meeting at BayCon this evening, and over twenty people attended, including some folks we don't see often, such as our Empress of Hamsters, Esther Friesner.

After the meeting, which as Secretary I will report on BASFA's LJ community sooner, I walked Lisa out to her van and saw her off. I thought about going back for the Dead Dog party, but they were still doing the staff-only part of it, and I was getting very tired, so I headed home to Fremont. Cheryl helped me unpack the van and told me how her weekend with the Friendly Fannish Finns had gone.

There are many loose ends to tie off and boxes to repack, but for now, I need some sleep!
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Long Range Planning

One bit of news I did want to drop in here before crashing: Based on a conversation during the BASFA meeting, and subject to confirmation and technical discussions, it looks like we probably will do a show from Burning Fan, next year's Westercon in Las Vegas.

In response to numerous queries: I don't think we're doing a show at Gnomeward Bound (this year's Westercon), because I've not been asked, and I don't see where they could slot us, given the facility and technical constraints. I have to say that I'm not terribly enthusiastic about trying to fit into a Masquerade halftime with a dance immediately following -- it's a waste of the host convention's time and resources for the amount of work I impose upon them for the amount of return. This doesn't mean I wouldn't try to do the show; it just means we'd have to find a way to do it that is a win-win-win for the convention, our team, and the members.