May 29th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Hooray for the Marriott

This morning, while I was in the shower, Lisa called and left a worried message from somewhere in northern California on her drive home to Mehama. She'd left one of her medications and medication diary in the hotel room. I would have been as unhappy if I'd left my diabetes kit behind. She assumed they probably had thrown it away, but asked me to check. So on my way to the office, I stopped off at the Marriott, and after a relatively short wait, they produced a bag containing all of the lost goods. I happily signed off that I'd received them, and will send them by overnight express to catch up with her.

Update, 15:05: Lisa called again later and told me that rather than expressing it up to her, I should hold on to the kit -- she has more at home -- and bring it with me when I fly up to Oregon this weekend.
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Match Game SF

Match Game Fanboy Squee

I expect most of you following this LJ -- especially those of you who were at conventions this past weekend -- will not have seen this comment posted to my LJ from a former Goodson-Todman staffer who worked there during the production of the real Match Game. I was very pleased by this.