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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, June 1st, 2007

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Convention Bound -- But Not THAT Kind of Con
In about 45 minutes, Cheryl will take me to the BART station to ride the train around to SFO for my flight to Portland. Lisa and I are attending the Sea-Pac amateur radio show in Seaside, Oregon this weekend.

Lisa -- KA5FQA -- got her Amateur Extra ticket before they dumbed down the standards. I -- KE6APJ, a call that Lisa says is far easier to say phonetically than hers -- have a no-code Technician license, which is enough for me to communicate with her with our 2-meter hand-held units.

About SeasideCollapse )

Plans are for me to return late Sunday evening.

I was printing my itinerary for Cheryl's benefit so she'd know when to retrieve me from BART on Sunday when I realized that I'm flying out of SFO, not Oakland, although I am returning to Oakland. I hadn't remembered that initially. Good thing I noticed. It would have been embarrassing to show up at Oakland for my 4:30 flight and discover that I was at the wrong airport.

Current Mood: chipper
The flight from SFO started its takeoff roll at the exact time -- 4:35 PM -- that the flight was originally scheduled to depart, thanks to it being completely full and ever seat occupied early. We arrived PDX 25 minutes early, so I decided to take advantage of PDX's wonderful free wireless to briefly check my e-mail in case anything came in from work this afternoon. Fortunately, there was nothing important, so it's off to Seaside once I claim my luggage and meet Lisa at the Parkrose/Sumner MAX station.

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