June 10th, 2007

Formula 1

Paying for Yesterday's Walk

This morning we set the alarm for 6 AM so we could watch the French Open men's final. I mostly fell asleep again, rousing roughly once a set, but waking up on championship point. Conveniently, this ended half an hour before the Formula 1 GP of Canada up in Montreal.

Fox Sports -- which I now understand owns Speed Channel -- is carrying the coverage of this and the next three races, so we don't get the pre-race show or the extended post-race coverage, but we do get the "Speed Team" who cover the race for Speed Channel. This is a considerable improvement over the races that CBS tried to cover last year. Because at least in theory this coverage on the broadcast Fox network stations means a broader audience not as familiar with F1 as the hard-core types who watch the Speed Channel coverage, the broadcasters were clearly making an effort to explain basics, and that's a good thing.

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I'm still fatigued from yesterday's hike. And unfortunately, you can't store up blood sugar credits by exercising before eating. My blood sugar shot up to 180 after dinner last night, which is unfortunate, although not particularly alarming, as I've been otherwise pretty good of late. The occasional out-of-bounds high is okay as long as I don't make a habit of it.

We can't laze around all day, though, despite wanting to do so. This is Cheryl's last weekend here before she returns to the UK for several months, so we have errands to get done.