June 12th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Mainspringing Into Action

jaylake's new book Mainspring is officially released today. Jay has built a fascinating universe where the Earth is part of a great machine, and the equator is the gear engaging with the sky, and the hero has been charged with rewinding the spring that keeps the Earth turning. It's a very interesting book, and I do recommend that people read it.
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Match Game SF

Match Game @ Gnomeward Bound Abstains Courteously

It is possible that things I've said here have sounded testy toward Westercon regarding inviting (or not inviting) us to do Match Game at Gnomeward Bound. If anyone read it that way, I explicitly disavow any intention of doing so. We're a strange event, and can be a bit of challenge for any Programming department. I had a bunch of other constraints to consider as well.

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Anyway, I was asked yesterday by Westercon 60's Programming Division if we'd be interested in putting on the show at Gnomeward Bound, and after discussing it with them (and with Lisa, whose support I'd need to do it), I respectfully declined. I'm thankful to be asked, but I don't see any way to stage the show that is a win for everyone involved. And if it's not fun, then why do it at all?