June 13th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Camera Time

In a few minutes I'll be taking Cheryl to SFO where she will fly back to the UK for several months. (Or, as she put it, she has to flee the country at the insistence of the US government.)

This afternoon, I spent about an hour with reporter Mike Sugarman and a camera operator from KPIX-TV doing a story about people who have changed their driving habits as a response to higher gasoline prices. The story was originally planned for tonight, but while we were talking, they called him to say it had been postponed. (As a feature, it can run when there is time for it.) I'll describe things in more detail later.

Update, 21:15: And I did so.
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Conrunner Kevin

Making the News

[Note: This LJ is hereby declared a zombie-free zone for the duration, thankyouverymuch. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off ignorant of it, mumble, grumble. Yes, I'm being humorless. No, I'm not telling anyone else what to post in their LJs.]

I was working from home this morning. Around 11 or so, just as I was getting off the phone with my company's IT support folks (Windows having locked me out of my account again; it happens a lot right after a required-every-90-days password change), I got a call. I recognized the voice. He introduced himself: "This is Mike Sugarman. I'm a reporter for CBS-5...."

"I know who you are," I said, "I recognize your voice from KCBS radio." Sugarman does "About the Bay" features for KCBS as well as reporting for their sister television station, KPIX channel 5.

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There is of course a certain irony that this was a story about saving fuel and I ended up making an extra 50-mile trip to San Mateo to accommodate filming it, but it was an unusual circumstance, and Wednesday isn't my usual work-from-home day anyway. I am still pretty happy at how things seemed to turn out. I will post here when the story eventually airs on KPIX, and it should be available on their web site after it airs as well.

I do wish I'd had an opportunity to wash my van, though. The right side is covered with the results of parking under a tree full of birds at BayCon, and I'd not gotten around to cleaning it off.

Update, 21:10: Changed post title and added a postscript.
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