June 15th, 2007

Kreegah Bundalo

Up and At 'Em

I woke up on my own at 3:10 AM. This is lucky, as I'd set the alarm for 3 AM but forgot to turn it on. Am heading off to the BART station in a few minutes to catch a train for Oakland airport, where I will fly to Portland for the weekend. I'll probably be on-line in Portland later this morning.
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Conrunner Kevin

I Got the Better of That Trade

I got off to the airport earlier than expected, catching a 20-minute-earlier train than I originally planned, and that's just as well, because the queue for security at Oakland Airport stretched clear back to Baggage Claim.

We boarded without incident on the nearly-full flight. As we were preparing for departure, the flight attendant did the usual "are you prepared to do the exit-row stuff?" questions for the folks in the exit row, two rows in front of me. The woman in the exit-window seat made some joke about "I'll let him handle it," pointing to the man in the aisle seat. The flight attendant very seriously said, "If you really mean that, I'll have to re-seat you. We're not allowed to joke about this."

The woman allowed as how she wasn't comfortable being responsible for opening a 41-pound (19 kg) door in an emergency, so the flight attendant started to consider how to re-seat her. I raised my hand, caught her eye, and said, "I'll swap. I've no problem lifting a twenty-kilo door." The flight attendant looked relieved, and waved me forward.

So I swapped from my regular aisle seat in a full triplet to an exit-window seat with the center seat empty. The woman complained about moving to a full row and losing the legroom, but she'd brought it upon herself.
Pensive Kevin

No Phone This Weekend

Arriving at PDX, I turned on my phone to check for messages. To my annoyance, I found that I can't hear anything. From the messages on the display, it looks to me like the phone thinks that the headset is plugged in, and has thus disabled the handset. But I left the headset behind in California, so the phone is useless for the weekend. I can take it back to the Verizon store (again!) because it's covered by a warranty, but for the duration of this weekend, I am without a mobile phone, which is unfortunate, particularly this morning as I was expecting Lisa to call me -- or at least leave a message -- when she leaves Mehama to drive up to Portland.

Although I had to take an early-morning flight for cost reasons, there was no need to get her out of bed early to fight commute traffic. I'm sitting here at PDX having a relatively leisurely breakfast and don't expect her here until noon. But checking my voice-mail is going to be a lot more annoying (and expensive) today.
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Kevin and Lisa

I'm Gone

Time to pack up and haul myself over to the light rail station. Don't know if I'll be on-line again until Sunday evening.
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