June 17th, 2007

Formula 1


Fortunately for me, the Formula One United States Grand Prix is being broadcast on Fox TV instead of Speed, so I am sitting here at my father-in-law's house watching it right now instead of hoping that I set up the machinery back in California correctly to record it.
Conrunner Kevin

Phone Working Again

Incidentally, despite her dislike of mobile phones, Lisa got mine working yesterday by inserting a mini-plug into the phone's headset jack and removing it. That knocked loose whatever was holding it in headset mode and it started working again. I made sure it worked both directions by re-recording my voice-mail greeting.
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Kevin Standlee

PDX Again

I really need to remember to stop booking myself onto this last flight out to Oakland. I got here with plenty of time this evening, and found that the flight is delayed. This time it's only (currently) about 45 minutes, not the several hours it was a few weeks back, but this is getting old. And I don't have nearly so much leeway on these last flights out, because BART stops running after midnight, so I need to be back at Oakland with enough time to claim my luggage and catch an AirBART bus to the station.

Still, I had plenty of time to get dinner and the queue at security was trivial.
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