June 23rd, 2007

Giants Fanatic

So Popular, Nobody Goes There Anymore

From the way the Giants were talking, I'd assumed that this current Yankees series was sold out long ago, or that the only way to get tickets was through one of their three-game package deals or something like that. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover that there were still tickets available today. True, it was a lower-box $48 ticket, but you could walk up to the gate and buy it. Had I realized that sooner, I might have gone today. Too late now, though -- first pitch is only an hour away. If I was going to go to the game, I would have had to start a couple of hours ago.
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Giants Fanatic

The Giants Win! Theeeee Giants Win!

Now I'm really disappointed that I didn't go to that Giants game today, as they came from behind and managed to grind out a win in 13 innings. That breaks up an eight-game losing streak.

If you don't understand my subject line, you've never heard John Sterling call a Yankees win. If you're not a baseball fan, don't worry about it.
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