June 26th, 2007

Gnomeward Bound

The $2 Bill Conspiracy Continues

At lunch today, I stopped by my local bank branch and, after a bit of fumbling around and getting them to go back to vault and actually get the last bundle they had in inventory, bought every $2 bill they had in their tills. This obliged me to withdraw another $200 from my bank account and use some of the money that people changed out with me over last weekend. I ended up purchasing $316 worth of $2 bills.

David Clark (Cargo Cult Books) has a call on the first $100 worth of these, for change-making purposes at his dealer table. Besides those I need for personal use, I will change out the rest with people who want them during the convention. See me at the Montreal in 2009 Worldcon Bid table. I do ask that people buying bills off me do so not to hoard them as "collectibles" -- they aren't, not really -- but to spend them around the hotel and local area, especially on individual tips for housekeepers, restaurant servers, etc. This puts more bills into circulation and makes us memorable to the staff in what I think is a positive way.
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