June 28th, 2007


Lands' End Logoland

If you've been around long enough, you'll remember seeing me and other people involved with the Bay Area in 2002 Worldcon bid wearing shirts with the bid's logo on it.

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Some of you may have noticed that I'm still carrying the attaché case with that logo on it, and that the attaché is, shall we say, showing its age. It has been to three continents with me, but it's completely worn out, currently being held together with copious amounts of black luggage-repair tape. And the logo is so worn out that the oceans and most of the vertical lines in the Golden Gate Bridge have disappeared entirely.

This afternoon, I called Lands' End and found that they still have us in their records. They called up the logo. I asked for them to prepare a new version of it that replaces the existing copy with SFSFC below the logo. I paid the $45 logo revision charge out of my own pocket. In a few days, I should have a new version of the logo in my e-mailbox, and if I'm happy with that, an embroidered sample a week or so after that.

Lands' End is currently running a no-minimum-order sale on embroidered merchandise. (Partially due to so many people ordering ones and twos of ConFrancisco-embroidered merchandise, they started imposing a six-item minimum order.) This lasts through the end of July. I expect to buy a new attaché and a couple of mesh polo shirts to replace the worn out Bay Area in 2002 shirts in my closet. Some others may go in with me on the order as well, to save on shipping.
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WSFS Captain 3

Blast From the Past

Because I'm a little tired of giving the full explanation of my WSFS uniform and because most people don't really want to hear the whole thing, I've written up the long version as a really-back-dated entry in my LJ. It's actually dated to the first day of Interaction, before I started writing regularly in this journal.

I intend to print business cards pointing at that entry. I can then give people the cards and say, "Go look at this web site if you want the long version of what the uniform means."

Actually, I'm a little annoyed at an attitude some people seem to have that all costumes have to be re-creations of some specific TV/movie. I've encountered blank looks from people who don't understand the concept of creating a costume that isn't from a TV show or movie. Show some imagination, people!