June 29th, 2007

Gnomeward Bound

Welcome to Westercon

I was able to knock off work around noon and get over to the hotel, where Lisa had arrived a few hours earlier. Checking in was not a problem -- because we're holding parties later in the weekend, we're pre-blocked -- and we moved in some of our stuff. Other stuff we don't plan to move until we take the loft suite (3007) where our parties will be. The non-perishable goods can stay in the vehicles until needed.

We then walked over to Fresh Choice -- which gave me a chance to confirm that even in my currently hobbled state, I can walk to the train station in about fifteen minutes -- and had lunch. After that, Lisa bought a few things from the Japanese grocery store next door to the restaurant for her "Next Stop...Yokohama!" party that we're doing on Monday night.

Lisa had been on the road for two days, so she's taking a bath while I catch up on e-mail. And a good thing that I did, as there was work-related mail and some things that wanted doing this afternoon.

An earlier tentative plan called for us to go do some shopping at Smart & Final warehouse store this afternoon. However, we need to meet up at 5 PM -- only 90 minutes from now as I write this -- with the other three people going to the ball game. It turns out to be fortunate that exactly five people needed me to buy train tickets. That's because under the Caltrain fare structure, it's cheaper to buy one ten-ride train pass than five round trip tickets. You just have to validate the ticket five times before boarding. This will save each of of going by rail $1.

I do think we might have time after Lisa's bath to go over to Trader Joe's and get a small amount of perishables (such a milk) for our own use. Lisa brought the electric ice chest for this purpose, and it's a very handy thing to have.

Update, 16:30: Turns out we had (barely) enough time to run over to Smart & Final, where we ran into (surprise!) kproche and bovil shopping for their parties.