July 3rd, 2007


Slow Afternoon at Westercon

It's very quiet here in the Fan Tables at Westercon, with mostly the various fan groups still staffing tables (Montreal, MythCon/CostumeCon, Devention 3, Nippon 2007) talking with each other. We did give out the last of the maple candy. There are a few people who have come by saying, "Will you be here a while longer? I need to come back and buy a membership from you."

Lisa woke up with a badly sore throat and laid up in the room for a long time this morning. I'm glad we didn't have to move out this morning!

Not counting any latecomers, we've sold eleven pre-supporting memberships and five Bon Amis (friend of the bid), plus collecting five site selection ballots to be turned over to Nippon2007 for processing. Not a bad weekend at all, I think.

Update, 19:20: Final count for the weekend: 12 pre-supports, 7 Bon Amis. A very strong showing for the Emergency Holographic Canadians.