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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, July 7th, 2007

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Not The Best of Days
We spent a fair bit of today running around the Bay Area looking for auto parts. Turns out that the fuel pump for Lisa's van is a special-order item and can't be had around here and has to be shipped from a warehouse in Reno, Nevada. I was seriously tempted to drive to Reno and get it, but we'd already committed for a hotel night here. It's slightly cheaper to have the part shipped down here by Next Day Air Saturday delivery. It will be here sometime on Saturday.

I won't give a blow-by-blow description of our chasing around auto parts stores -- it's too depressing -- but eventually we got all of the other parts Lisa wanted to try. She replaced two fuel filter assemblies. Both of them were full of junk, including ants of all things! There was some hope that maybe it was just clogged fuel filters. But when we took the van out for a test spin, as soon as it needed significant power to climb a hill, it starved of fuel. The auxiliary electric boost pump can help, but it's not enough to keep the van at full power. Lisa says that means it's almost certainly the fuel pump.

Because of the day's delay getting the pump, she'll be here until Sunday now.

Spending a day driving hither and yon for auto parts is not fun. Throw in the fact that Lisa is still fighting a sinus infection and is feeling pretty sick while she's still trying to work on her van, and you have a recipe for high stress and unhappy times. And inefficiency: we ended up going to Rite-Aid three times today on account of remembering three different sets of things (some medicinal, some not) that we needed.

Thank goodness that the worst of the hot weather broke and that the evenings have been cool, because the air conditioning in this room isn't working. The heat pump makes noise, but no air moves through the vents. We'll call this to the management's attention in the morning.

Current Mood: stressed
When It Drizzles...
We took Lisa's van back up to my office this morning for the same reason as before -- more room to work on it without a fussy hotel complaining about us doing auto repairs. As Lisa got out of the van, I pointed out that fluid was pooling under the van. Opening the hood, she discovered a pinhole leak on a radiator line. This is unrelated to the fuel pump problem, but of course we then had to go buy radiator hose and a bucket to use while draining the lines so she can replace the broken hose.

Just as we were approaching the hotel, my phone beeped at me to tell me that the package with the replacement fuel pump had arrived. In a few minutes, we'll head back to the van to do the work on it. The weather isn't hot like it was last weekend; instead, the marine layer was so low that we were in light drizzle at the office.

Current Mood: stressed
Scrub Nurse for Van Surgery
After collecting the fuel pump, we headed back to my office to perform open-van surgery. The split coolant line was only a passing annoyance, because we needed to drain the coolant from the system anyway on account of the lower radiator line has to be removed to give access to the fuel pump. We bought a bucket to catch the coolant. We bought replacement hoses and clamps to repair the split coolant line later, plus more coolant.

Messy details of van repairCollapse )

So we think the Big Orange Van is sort of fixed. At least it doesn't stall when you accelerate. There is still work that Lisa says she needs to do on the van, but it will run, and she thinks (knock wood) that she'll be able to leave for Oregon sometime tomorrow.

Current Mood: tired

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