July 8th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Knock on Wood

I saw off Lisa heading back to Oregon at around 11:30 this morning. She's arranged to make radio contact with her father hourly during the trip, and they both know how to contact me by phone. Maybe this time she'll make it home.

Now I have to finally unpack from Westercon. I was originally planning to use this weekend to tote up the Montreal bid score, but I'm too worn out. I will have to get it done this week, though, because I need to send them the money and orders for Bon Ami t-shirts.

Under ConStruction

During Westercon, I spoke to some people informally about Bay Area ConStruction, SFSFC's conrunning conference. I was a bit vague about the details because I knew there was a potential that we would have to reschedule it. On account of an insurmountable number of scheduling conflicts, ConStruction will be postponed, probably to November. I expect to have a more comprehensive announcement, including exact dates and registration information, in a few days.

Update, 11 July 18:45: In case you didn't see the announcement -- and here I was thinking that I was posting it too many places -- the revised dates is November 10-11, and ConStruction 2007 will be at the San Jose Holiday Inn North First Street. (That's the former "freeway Hyatt" near the Doubletree, not the Crowne Plaza downtown.)