July 11th, 2007

Whimsical Kevin

Look Out, Finland

A little while ago, I got e-mail from Cheryl advising me that despite the attempts of the British rail network to stop her getting to Heathrow, she has safely arrived in Finland, where she will be one of the guests of FinnCon this weekend. More news from her as it develops.
Conrunner Kevin

Well, it is Preventive Maintenance

My mechanic called this afternoon and told me I could collect my van. I walked over to his shop and surveyed the damage: $659, of which $255 was to replace the shorted-out multi-function turn indicator/windshield wiper/cruise control switch. The rest was for a comprehensive tune-up on the engine, which was installed about 45,000 miles ago. Coming on the heels of the emergency repairs on Lisa's van last weekend, these expenses hurt; however, I think I have to think of it as money well spent to keep the van rolling smoothly.
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