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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, July 14th, 2007

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Oof, I must have had a sleep deficit dating back to before Westercon. I slept for about eleven hours, and didn't feel particularly spry even when I did wake up.

Current Mood: drained
I Expect Many Will Dispute This, But That's Okay
Ganked from gridlore

Which God or Goddess are you likeCollapse )

Now, someone needs to devise a quiz to determine which Ghod(dess) one is like.

Current Mood: amused
Releasing the Work to the Masses
Having written this article about the WSFS Mark Protection Committee, I decided there was too much material there to not get more use of it, and I adapted it into this entry on the Conrunner Wiki, an online resource that has the prospect -- if more people get involved -- of being a really fantastic resource for convention-running information.

Although the disadvantage of wiki-based systems is that anyone can edit them and thus introduce inaccurate information, this is also an advantage, in that I can update WSFS information (say, the membership of the MPC) without having to wait for the one person with the keys to the web site to have the time to do it.

Current Mood: accomplished
Dispatches From FinnCon #5, Sort Of
Cheryl wrote to me today to say there are more photos of FinnCon available, including some nice costumes.

The Finns still want to know who is responsible for those weird con reports. She's told them that it must have been Chris Garcia making things up again. Now they are all going to vote Chris for TAFF so that they can have a quiet word with him....
Dispatches From FinnCon #6
Well, this one certainly is from Cheryl, although she didn't write it. Apparently the Finnish filkers wrote a song for each GoH. Here's the one they wrote about her:
500 Cons (to the tune of 500 Miles)

If you miss the con she's on
you can meet her at next con
Cheryl Morgan seems to visit every one.
She gives there a talk or few,
was seen tossing Jordan, too
and with her we always all have so much fun.

Travelling across the globe,
visiting the cons of old,
seeing fandom at its worst and at its best.
Moving on from con to con,
catch her now, 'cause soon she's gone,
so much travelling does not give her much rest.

She is one, she is two, she is three, she is four,
she is 500 cons away from home.
Away from home, away from home.
away from home, away from home,
she is 500 cons away from home.

Current Mood: amused
Well, At Least I Got Something Done
I'd intended on getting some errands done today, but I got up so late, and one thing led to another, and the Giants broke my heart again in extra innings, and, well, suddenly the day was gone and I'd done nothing. But I did get the Montreal stuff packed out of the travel boxes and put away. (How did I end up with a box full of cups? Guess I owe someone else's party a bunch of cups sometime.)

Including the trivial amount of sales at BayCon, our total was:
15 pre-supports
9 Bon Amis (Friends of Bid; 3 were upgrades from pre-supporting)
4 Tote bags not included in Bon Amis
1 $5 donation

Against that, our expenses were $220 (including the "suite upgrade" for one night; that is, Montreal paid the difference between a sleeping room and the party suite for the one night we were holding their party).

I'll be sending all of this off to Montreal on Monday.

Current Mood: accomplished

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