July 17th, 2007


Dispatches From FinnCon #8

This would appear to be the final report from Finland. Wish I could have gone myself. It's not like I was doing much this past weekend.
Monday was spent sampling more of the excellent Finnish trains, shopping for souvenirs (I bought a snowball) and eating things you can't get back home (dessert made from Seabuckthorn berries).

Of course the Finns are not immune from trying to import US culture. Near the hotel where Ellen and the Haldemans are staying we found a place call Right Wing Sports Bar. Whether this referred to a position on the field or to the attitudes of the people who drank there was unclear. However, they did advertise a Joe Montana Burger, so any visiting registered Democrats could point to this and explain that in San Francisco being a Democrat *is* right wing.
Conrunner Kevin

Apologies To My Namesake

While trying to see what search terms might pull up that story on KPIX about me (search term "hyper-milers" works, but not "hypermilers"), I stumbled across this message from someone who shares my name, including the unusual surname spelling. I wonder what he thinks if he ever does an egoscan for his own name.

For that matter, he might even be related to me. My father's father died when my dad was young and I don't know a lot about my father's side of the family, unlike my mother's father's family (Reynolds), which has an extensive genealogy going back at least to the Civil War.