July 19th, 2007

Giants Fanatic

That Would Be A Good Trick

KNBR 680 is the radio home of San Francisco Giants baseball. I'm on their promotional e-mail list, and yesterday I got an e-mail promoting various things. Among them was the next "Orange Friday" (Friday night Giants games where people are encouraged to wear all-orange) and KNBR was offering upper-reserved seats at a cut-rate price of only $10. Then I saw that the e-mail claimed that the next Orange Friday was this coming Friday against the Brewers. That would be a really good trick, because that game is in Milwaukee. I then clicked through the link on their e-mail and it took me to the actual promotion, which is for Friday, July 27 against the Florida Marlins. But there are not actually any Orange Friday tickets available. Oh, well.
Conrunner Kevin

Barmy in Bridgwater

Cheryl says she suspects that a lot of BASFA people didn't believe her when she told them about the ancient Bridgwater sport of squibbing - that is, walking around with a long pole that has a big Roman candle on each end. So here's proof.

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That's one activity I don't think I'll be every trying. Holding sparklers when I was young and immortal was excitement enough.

Tax Futility

Tonight I will mail the sales tax return for the Montreal bid, paying the $2 in tax collected on tote bags sold at BayCon and Westercon.

The State Board of Equalization spent $1.99 in postage mailing us the return.