July 20th, 2007

Manga Kevin

College Graduate = Professional Cosplayer?

Sac-Anime is an anime convention in Sacramento. The most recent one (not the one its web site points to, which is next year), was July 13-15 at the Red Lion Inn Sacramento. (Note to people who haven't been to Sacramento since the 1985 Westercon: this is the "Sacramento Inn" that was the overflow for that Westercon -- I stayed in this hotel during Westercon 38. It was also one of the sites where Sacramento's Eclecticon was held over the five years that we had it.)

This apparently is a for-profit show run as a living for its organizers, which affects the tone of the event entirely, I expect. hazelchaz has his review of the con, which he was attending to promote Anime Los Angeles.

Anyway, it was this review that really surprised me, particularly this bit:
Some of the masquerade contest rules were really outrageous, especially the college rule. If a cosplayer graduated from college they are considered a professional cosplayer and may not enter.
What an amazingly stupid rule! It makes no sense on any level that I can see. Is it meant to be an age limit? If so, state it that way -- but it's still a dumb rule even if stated as an age limit, not an level-of-education-completed one. And what's the reason for it, anyway?

The reviews I've read make me glad I didn't make the trip up to Sacramento last weekend, even though I wasn't all that busy.
Conrunner Kevin

The Eternal Debate

frankwu has launched the latest incarnation of the eternal debate about The Death of Fandom As We Know It. I believe it is approximately the same arguments that were being made when I arrived in fandom in 1984, although they differ in detail. And the same thing was going on a generation before that as well.

Comments disabled because I'd rather people respond to Frank's journal, not hive off another thread here. I'm going to reply over there, too.
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Corporate Stuff

SFSFC's board of directors meeting is Sunday. Although we postponed Bay Area ConStruction to November, the Board meeting will still happen as scheduled on Sunday afternoon at the San Jose Holiday Inn.

Today, I think I got all of the meeting paperwork prepared: Agenda, minutes, revised director contact information. Despite my having sent everything out in advance as well, and made much of it available online, most directors don't bring anything with them, so I have to include paper copies on the day as well.
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