July 23rd, 2007


Minutes That Seem Like Hours

In case you're curious about such things, the minutes of the March 17, 2007 SFSFC board meeting, having been approved this past weekend, are now available online. And I even managed to update that page to remove the July meeting from the calendar and to correct the time of the November 11, 2007 meeting.

I've also turned in the minutes of the Westercon 60 Business Meeting (and the new version of the Westercon Bylaws) to the Westercon webmaster for uploading to the Westercon web site. I'll probably say something else here when they appear there.

Now I still have to review the Mark Protection Committee meeting minutes from last year and draft the minutes from yesterday's SFSFC meeting before the meeting notes go stale and I forget their context. And I've drafted an SFSFC announcement that will probably go out later this week.

And I have a real-world job that needs doing, too.