July 24th, 2007

Pensive Kevin

Something About Jury Duty and Worldcon

For some reason, I seem to get a jury-duty summons every second year or so just before Worldcon. This time, the summons date is the Wednesday before I leave for Japan. I have applied for a routine deferral to October. Every time I've asked for a deferral before, they've not actually called me again, but just put my name back into the box and called me a year or two later.

Mind you, they still haven't corrected my name in their records, despite me having repeatedly told them that it's "Standlee," not "Stanolee." Typos live forever, it seems.

Site Selection Deadline Approaches

As discussed here, the deadline for voting for Worldcon site selection is nigh. If you don't get your ballot in by the end of July, you'll need to get someone to carry it to Japan for you. I was interested in reading this explanation of how Worldcon site selection works, which is substantially correct. I don't have time or energy to join that board to comment on why site selection doesn't allow on-line voting. (I expect that will eventually happen, but it will only work in a case where all of the bidders agree to allow it and to incur the processing fees for the Advance Supporting Memberships.)
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