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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

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Off To The Races
Heading off to the San Jose Grand Prix in a few minutes. It looks like it will be on ESPN2 at 3 PM Pacific Time if anyone out there reading this wants to watch it.

I'm all packed up for the race, having dumped all of my computer gear out of my backpack to use it to carry lunch, water, sunscreen, camera, ear plugs, and headphones. I thought about bringing the computer as well, particularly as San Jose downtown is supposed to have wi-fi throughout, but a test tote with the computer (including the spare battery to give it extended range) made it too heavy to be carrying around for more than six hours, particularly with a standing-room-only ticket.

Current Mood: chipper
A Day at the Races
So I spent most of today at the San Jose Grand Prix, courtesy of dave_gallaher, who gave me his extra general admission/standing room only ticket. Dave had to work at the AT&T sales booth on the Funway Straightaway Alley. Those of you familiar with downtown San Jose or who attended ConJose will know it better as the stretch of San Carlos Street in front of the Convention Center.

You won't be surprised that it was LOUDCollapse )

My impression of the race: LOUD. Wow, am I glad I was wearing double ear protection. And I seem to have put on enough sunscreen to avoid the worst of the sunburn. But the standing room areas simply don't give you a good enough view of the race. The grandstands might be okay, especially as they have views of the TV screens, and the VIP boxes that look out over the track look pretty nice. But as for enjoying the race, I got more out of the ESPN2 coverage I watched when I got home.

Not that I'm ungrateful for the tickets and the ride down to San Jose! I've never attended a big motor race before, and I'm glad I attended this one. I might even go again if offered free tickets. But paying $45 for that? No way.

Current Mood: tired

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