August 7th, 2007

Kevin Talking

Larks and Owls

Cheryl passes on to me an article explaining why some of us are just naturally not morning people. There's a test at the end of it. I scored a 10 or 11 depending on how I waffled on one of the answers, which makes me a definite "owl," while those people who complain that SF conventions don't have 8 AM panels are in the "lark" category. I am so grateful that my employer gives us sufficient flexibility in our work hours that I have been of late been able to work hours closer to when my body wants to work them rather than a traditional 8-to-5 period.

If I could do things my own way without concern for the grief I'd get from SMOFdom, I'd schedule the WSFS Business Meeting for Noon instead of 10 AM. I tried this once, in 1993, when I was relatively young and foolish. It didn't get as much trouble as the year a Worldcon scheduled it for 8:30 AM -- the Business Meeting actually passed a rule that time regulating when the meeting could be held -- but it was close.
Giants Fanatic


I was watching in 1974 when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record, and I'm happy to be able to say that I was watching tonight's game when Barry Bonds broke Aaron's record by hitting his 756th career home run into the center-field bleachers.

I didn't get to see the record-tying 755th HR this past weekend because I was at the Oregon Steam-Up that afternoon, but thank goodness I wasn't working so late that I couldn't get home to watch this historic moment in sports.

When the ball first hit, it bounced hard (whoever was nearby the bounce point will be kicking themselves for the rest of their lives, I reckon) and landed some rows away, where it looked like the biggest rugby scrum of all time as people fought for the ball. I hope the injuries were not too bad. They later showed a shot of a fellow being hustled away surrounded by police, and the announcers say that's the guy who got the ball. I wonder how many people will try to sue him claiming that they touched it first and he took it away from them.