August 12th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Quiet Weekend

Having been immersed in work all day yesterday (until >11 PM), I hadn't done grocery shopping that I should have done, with the result being that I needed to do so this morning if I wanted to have breakfast. On the spur of the moment, I decided to have breakfast at Hometown Buffet, and over-indulged mightily. (As I'm wont to do when presented with big breakfast buffets.) Waddling away from the place, I concluded that much exercise was in order immediately, and I then proceeded to take an hour-long walk through parts of Union City near the restaurant, including Civic Center Park. I never knew the little ponds in this park had turtles in them before, but I saw them paddling around as I walked through the park. They also have some odd-looking geese with red wattles, which I've never seen before.

I was rewarded for my walking with a perfectly-normal 98 blood sugar, which was a great relief, especially as I've been having blood sugar control issues lately. And as an added benefit, I was still feeling so full that I was never tempted to buy anything other than the things on my shopping list.

Other than that I've been taking it relatively easy, exchanging e-mails with the other members of the committee set up by the WSFS Mark Protection Committee to improve the visibility of the Hugo Awards. I expect that we'll have something to announce before Worldcon, and more things for next year.