August 27th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Midnight in Seattle

Well, actually, here in the Northwest WorldClub in Seattle, it's 7:46 AM. But where we're headed, it's just before Midnight. As planned, we stayed up all last night, and now I really want to go to bed. Our check-in and security theater was uneventful at Portland, and because there were spare seats on the 6 AM flight, we headed up to Seattle 30 minutes early, giving us more time to sit in the WorldClub. (Being in Business class on an eventually-international flight means we get to use the WorldClub.) Our flight to Honolulu starts boarding in about twenty minutes. Not much else to say other than we really would like to go to sleep now, not an hour-plus from now.
Kreegah Bundalo

Hawaiian Interlude

I forgot that the flight from Seattle to Hawaii is a domestic flight, so the business class isn't quite as nice as the international transoceanic flights. While I was ready to go right to sleep once on the plane. Lisa was less comfortable. Neck pillows don't work for her, and the regular pillows all would slip away behind the seat as she tried to settle in. I think I may have got three hours' sleep, in pieces, during the flight, while Lisa got less. But she did get a wonderful view of Pearl Harbor off the left side of the plane from her window as we landed, and that made up for some of the discomfort.

I've never been to Hawaii before. This airport was a new experience to me. When we came off the flight, we feared that we'd been dumped groundside and were going to have to be rescreened. Nobody told us that the concourses are open-air. Lisa was pleased at close-up views of a JAL 747 that we got as we walked up and down the concourses. But we're both quite tired. I think we'll probably have to give in and sleep for a little while on this next leg, even though it's really the wrong time of day to do so, it being 8:30 AM in Japan as I compose this message in the WorldClub. It's not luxurious, but it's cooler than the concourses, and we have about another 90 minutes here or so before we have to head back down to gate 10 for our flight.

Near the end of the flight, we connected our two computers (with a wired connection, not wireless!) and played Locomotion, which did indeed make an hour or so vanish pretty quickly. The 757 from Seattle did not have on-board power, so our laptop batteries need recharging, which we're doing now in the WorldClub. Assuming we don't fall asleep on board, and assuming the promised on-board power is available, we may be building railroads across the Pacific.