August 31st, 2007

Manga Kevin

Hotel Ups & Downs

One thing that has impressed me here at the Intercontinental Hotel is the elevators. When you press the elevator call button, one of the five elevators lights up immediately, telling you which elevator has been dispatched to your floor. Then, shortly before the elevator arrives, the light starts to flash. This means you can be ready at your elevator when it arrives rather than having to wait around the elevator lobby wondering which way to go and then having to hustle over when one actually arrives.

Less good is the air conditioning. I'm afraid I must be really American about this, but the AC in this room is terrible. Even with the fan selector on "high" there is barely any air movement at all, and we've never been able to get the room temperature down to the 20 degrees C on the selector. So basically we are never really able to get comfortable, even in our own room.