September 2nd, 2007

Hugo Trophy

Hugo Awards Night

It was a very interesting evening at the Hugo Awards, including a cool "opening act" of Ultraman fighting monsters in live action on stage.

The dramatic part from my point of view went away early, as Chris Garcia did not win in either of the categories in which he was nominated. I have his two Hugo nominee rocket pins, his Hugo Nominee ribbon, and a slightly battered invitation to the Hugo Losers Party to bring home to johnnyeponymous.

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I spent most of the evening after the ceremony at the post-Hugo Party, which was the only comfortable party at the con. The sixth-floor parties are still all fuggy and impossibly hot, while the weather has become very nice here in Yokohama, so the Harbor Suite where the post-Hugo Party was held was quite nice.

I want to write so much more, but I must get to bed soon. I still have one more Business Meeting to chair, and I have to be up in under six hours for it.

Worldcon Site Selection -- Unofficial Results

When you watch a horse race, you may see the horse named "Montreal" cross the finish line first, but you're not allowed to cash your ticket until the OFFICIAL sign lights up. With Worldcons, the OFFICIAL sign is when the WSFS Site Selection Business Meeting formally receives the results, and that will be shortly after 1000 local time in Yokohama today, Sunday, September 2.

However, I understand that Montreal did win, by around 100 votes. I'll post the detailed results when I get a chance.
Hugo Trophy

Here You Go, Frank

The photo below the cut below is posted for frankwu's benefit. Sorry, Frank, but we were not recording video during the actual Best Fan Writer Hugo presentation, because Lisa was starting to get sick -- she ended up leaving right after the Fan Hugo categories -- and I was busy trying to take notes for the ceremony as part of my assignment to make sure the Hugo Awards web site had the results correct.

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I took this photo after the post-ceremony photo-scrum. I assure y'all that the actual acceptance went as well as anyone could have expected.
Manga Kevin

Still Running Hard

Okay, folks, I spent the past two hours answering mail and LJ, but I must get going, and while I'll try to report in when I can, I still have a lot of things to do today, ending with the Donbura-Con cruise this evening, and I cannot be late for that because it will leave the dock without me.