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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

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Hitting the Road
Okay, as soon as I get the computer shut down and the last of my stuff packed, I'm leaving for Yreka. I probably should have left early this morning when I woke up around midnight, wide awake for several hours.

Current Mood: busy
Halfway Home
Make to Yreka -- almost exactly 300 miles door-to-door from Mehama -- at 6 PM, for a door-to-door travel time of six hours, which is a good average for me. Tonight is the final hotel night in this month-long trip, and ends where it began, at the Rodeway Inn Yreka.

Soon I shall go acquire some dinner, bring it back to the hotel, and collapse into bed. If I wake up at an appropriate time to do so, I may swing through Sutter on my way back to the Bay Area and deliver some souvenirs to my family there, which would be the best thing logistically.

At the start of the trip, I considered riding the Yreka Western tomorrow morning, but right now I doubt I will spend the time to do so, as it is still over 300 miles to Fremont -- not including a side trip to Sutter.

Current Mood: tired

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