September 24th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Warm-Booting My Life

Going away for a month leaves a lot of things that need restarting when you get back. In my case, that includes collecting held mail from two different post offices. And trying to sort through it, or at least doing a first pass to separate the obvious junk mail from things that need some thought. That was part of my morning. Then, when I came to the office, it ocurred to me that it would be a good idea to put in my time-off requests through next August, including Worldcon. I have several conventions I plan to attend, including MARCon, where I'm Fan GoH, and where I note that I'll get to see Robert Lynn Asprin for the first time since the MythAdventures Fan Club days, as he's one of the Writer GoHs. Guess I should make some plans to try and transport the FanHistory exhibit on me, at least the MythAdventures Fan Club portion of it, if MARCon can find a place to display it.

I can't get things completely up to full speed here, on account of I'm going back to Oregon in two weeks and spending a week up there, at Lisa's request. So I've only got this weekend back in the Bay Area. To some extent, I'm never going to get rested, I think.
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