October 5th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

Fit Feet

I got a call a couple of days ago from my podiatrist's office. The custom-cast orthotics had arrived early, and I could come and have them fitted, so I did so yesterday afternoon. Oh, what a difference! I wish I'd had these before the trip to Japan. I spent a lot of time on my feet (yes, I spent a lot of time on my seat on a train, too, but that's beside the point), and I can definitely feel how much of a difference these orthotics make in holding my feet in a better position.

The podiatrist also showed me the X-rays. As suspected, I have some pretty good heel spurs on both feet. We will continue the progressive course of treatment. Losing weight would make a difference, too, as it would reduce the load.
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Manga Kevin

Another Memo I Didn't Get

Not every mention of Worldcon turns up in my daily Google Alert. I stumbled across this Worldcon/Japan trip report this morning. I enjoy reading trip reports like these, but I did hit a bit of a bump in the road on this:
The most senior committee members may receive some compensation since for them it is very much a full time job....
Say what? There was monetary compensation of some sort for this job? First time I've heard of it.

In complete fairness, the rest of what he says about how Worldcon is complete fan-run and so forth is quite true, and I appreciate people noticing it. I left him a comment asking what he means by "compensation." I don't deny that there are minor perks of the job. In 2002, I got a somewhat reduced-price room ($99/night), and was eventually reimbursed for room nights before or after the nights we would expect a regular Worldcon attendee to take anyway (and that meant the night before the convention wasn't reimbursed -- we assumed the night before the convention through the night after it ended, or Wednesday through Monday nights for a "traditional dates" Worldcon), and some other expenses, but I certainly was never paid a salary or stipend of any sort.
Kevin and Lisa

Oregon Bound Again

I'm leaving for the train to Oakland Airport and eventually on to Oregon, where I will be all of next week. Instead of attending SiliCon, I get to help fix the roof on the old family house, which is in dire need of remedial action. My job will primarily be to stay on the ground, fetch things, and act as spotter for Lisa, who is lighter, much more nimble than I am, and not nearly as boggled by heights as me. Besides, the safety climbing harness fits her better.

As usual, internet access will be between erratic and not at all on nights and weekends until I return on October 14.
Bullet Train

My Opinion to be Heard

Briefly checking in from PDX here... While I was at OAK, I got a call from the Fremont Argus telling me that they wanted to use my letter, but it's too long -- there's a 200-word limit. So I talked to one of their people and we managed to trim enough words to bring it under spec. We dropped the "15 minute stops" paragraph entirely (as I expected; it's annoying but not part of the central argument) and one sentence elsewhere, and it fits. I reckon it may be in Saturday's paper or maybe a little later. I won't get the paper copy, of course, because I'm in Oregon, but I'll see it online.