October 6th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Hard Work in Oregon

We spent the entire day attacking the huge amount of moss on the roof of the old family homestead here in Mehama. This house is no longer regularly occupied and is mostly used for storage, except for one room on the ground floor where Lisa has some computers and video equipment. We hardly ever go upstairs or into the attic. The house is quite old by local standards -- it was built by Lisa's Oregon Trail homesteader ancestors -- and needs a lot of work.

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We're not done yet, although I think the worst is over. We left the upper ladder up on the roof because it's such a hassle to get it up there in the first place, and, weather permitting, Lisa will go up again with the safety line set in a different place so she can get as spots she couldn't reach today.

This is hard work -- harder for her than me, I think, but something that definitely needed both of us present, for safety if nothing else.
Rugby USA

Thanks for Not Spoling

For those of you on my f-list who are following the Rugby World Cup, thank you for posting your comments behind cuts. I can't see the matches until, at the earliest, the day after they happen due to the licensing agreement with MediaZone, and in fact it will probably be later than that given when I'll have the time to watch the knockout-stage matches.