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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, October 8th, 2007

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Ken Uhland Award
I was informed a few weeks ago that SiliCon planned to present me with the Ken Uhland Award for service to Bay Area fandom. They (not surprisingly) expected I would be attending on account of I'd purchased a membership; however, after I'd bought it, the business up in here in Oregon came up and I gave my membership away. Given that for Worldcon purposes, I was designated johnnyeponymous, I asked him if he would substitute for me at SiliCon, and he agreed, for which I'm very grateful. I sent him an acceptance speech as well. He, of course, had the benefit of knowing that he'd actually have to present it.

The acceptance speech I sent him followsCollapse )

I admit to being slightly embarrassed to be presented with an award for service to Bay Area fandom and then not being able to accept it in person because instead of going to a Bay Area convention, I went off to Oregon to work on an old house with my wife. But SiliCon's people reassured me that this was not a problem. I at least did what I could to make sure my membership didn't go to waste by giving it to someone who could use it.

I really am flattered to receive this award. Thank you again to SiliCon, and to Chris for accepting it on my behalf.

Current Mood: flattered
SF Awards Watch Feed Available
The technical issues that were preventing the feed to LJ working have been overcome, and you can now follow SF Awards Watch through LiveJournal at sfawardswatch. Replies are disabled on LJ; you need to reply over at the web site. Feel free to pass this news along to anyone you think would be interested.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sleepless in Mehama
Friday night, after getting to Mehama, we eventually settled in to go to bed, and as usual, I set up my CPAP machine. Which refused to start. It made beeping noises and said "E-015" on the display. I tried various things, but nothing helped. The next day, examining the manufacturer's web site, I got nothing more than "call tech support." This morning, I called them and they said, "Take it back to the vendor who sold it to you; they'll have to service it." I called the vendor and left a message. At best, the earliest I could take it to them is next Monday. I hope the repair isn't too expensive, as I'm all out of HCSA money for this year. Meanwhile, I'm resigned to a week of less-good sleep -- and Lisa will have to put up with my snoring, which disturbs her sleep as well -- while I'm here.

Current Mood: sleepy

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