October 28th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

The Cat Travels

This morning I delivered Cheryl to San Jose Airport -- the first time I've been there since they changed the airport loop so you have to go through Terminal A before going to Terminal C -- as she began her Northeastern Road Trip that takes her to Boston, New York, and Saratoga Springs.

A short time ago, I got a call from her from Denver, where she had an hour or so changing planes after an uneventful flight from SJC. She had not yet encountered a sea of Sensitive Fannish Faces, which we both thought likely given that there was a big Denvention 3 committee meeting this weekend, but I reckon folks are taking later flights or leaving tomorrow.

I'm feeling much better today. I was well enough to do a walk around Quarry Lakes Park after coming home from SJC. I wish every cold I caught ran its course that quickly.