November 7th, 2007

Pensive Kevin

Lost in Transmission

While collecting Cheryl from SFO yesterday, I noticed a whine coming from the van's transmission that was not there before. Not good. I took the van to Aamco -- it's a block from my house -- and they've called me with the bad news regarding the torque converter and probably other things when they actually pull it out to work on it. Estimated cost ranges from a low of $1900 to as high as $3000 depending on the exact things that are wrong.

I had a rebuilt transmission put in the van a few years ago, but did not pay the $1500 or so that a lifetime warranty on the job would have cost. It's easy to see in retrospect that it would have paid off, but it was hard to justify on top of what was already a very large expense.

The guy from Aamco did say that there have been improvements in technology in the last four years, and that he would expect a new transmission to last a long longer this time.

Now to figure out exactly how I'm going to pay for this. Darn it.

At least I can work from home the rest of this week; however, this means I miss the flu shots tomorrow and the Thanksgiving luncheon Friday. I was going to miss that anyway, though, as I was already planning to work from home that day prior to driving down to ConStruction.
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