December 9th, 2007

Manga Kevin

Poker a Bust

There was never any plan to hold an organized Texas Hold-Em Tournament here at SMOFCon, as there was no suitable space in which we could hold it; however, we did think that a "freestyle" game or two would break out should the circumstances allow it. I identified a likely looking small function room across the hallway. Officially, it was not SMOFcon's room, and they couldn't afford it. But the hotel kept leaving the room unlocked and sitting open, so I decided to go ahead and try setting up in it, figuring that if the hotel came by and said, "Get out," we'd leave.

I tried to spread the word that a game could be on across the hallway; however, with the Inquisition running past 11:30 PM, people were too distracted, busy with other things, or simply drained by the stress of the event. Although I set up with cards and such, and had individuals come by for a few minutes, we never had the necessary critical mass to have a game -- at least four would have been preferable. I suspect that if we could have got at least three of us sitting down, others would have come by, but with just me and some cards there, I couldn't attract enough attention.

So instead I slightly cleaned up the notes from the Inquisition, and after 12:30 AM, having concluded that it was too late for anything more to happen, I headed back over to post the report.

I want to make it clear that I'm not complaining at SMOFCon 25's management for the lack of a good poker-playing space. I clearly said in pre-con discussions that I do not consider an organized poker tournament to be a standard part of SMOFCon! I'm merely disappointed that what has been an informal tradition -- an informal poker game -- didn't come together this year. That's not SMOFCon's fault; it just didn't work out this time.

I've been having computer problems. My network card intermittantly doesn't want to recognize a wired or wireless connection or both; however, I did get at least one of them to work this early Sunday morning.

Soon I will return to the room and get some sleep. Fortunately, I don't have an early-morning meeting on Sunday and can thus get an extra hour's sleep.
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