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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, December 10th, 2007

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Packing It In
Sorry I didn't write much more yesterday afternoon. I got distracted. Well, actually, every time I set up my computer in the Hospitality Ballroom with an idea of updating my LJ, someone would come over and we'd start talking, and therefore nothing got done on the computer. And as that personal interaction is the main point of coming to SMOFCon, I'm not feeling particularly guilty.

Sunday Programming and Thoughts on Physical Programming Layout for SMOFConCollapse )

As I said, I missed the wrap-up panel, which was bad of me. As the Hospitality Ballroom was being disassembled around me, I went and put my computer away and came back to see if I could be of any help, but by then, nearly everything had already been rolled away. Talk about many hands making light work.

Hugo Marketing Secrets DiscussedCollapse )

We're now packing up our room. Cheryl and I both have early afternoon flights. Again, she leaves after I do but arrives an hour-plus before me on account of having a direct flight while I get to change planes at Philadelphia. We'd better get up to the Con Suite this morning and see if they still have some bagels left.

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Going, Going...
Checking out of the hotel now and toddling over to the adjacent airport. Weather here isn't what I'd call nice, but my flight here and the connection from PHL are showing on time. We could have tried going a little earlier to get me on a flight that would have arrived just about the time that Cheryl's direct flight later today arrives, but it didn't seem worth rushing.

There was still lots of stuff to eat in the Con Suite. Yep, we definitely starved. It was a weekend-long challenge for me to avoid eating things. I probably should have done a complete lap or two of the airport terminals every day to work down some of the carbs I ate here.

Off we go...

Current Mood: chipper
Things were pretty quiet at Logan Airport this morning at the USAir terminal. I was there in plenty of time, and got on the Philadelphia flight an hour before my originally-scheduled one. This meant I had lots of time to eat lunch at PHL and get down to my San Francisco flight. We had to be de-iced, but there was no snow; it was just cold and damp. Philadelphia was not having difficult weather.

I had three seats to myself in the next-to-last row of the PHL-SFO flight, hooray! That actually gave me enough room to be able to get out the computer and play Locomotion, which burned about 2/3 of the trip time. It burned through batteries, however, using up three complete charges. That game runs the CD-ROM continuously, cranks the processor up to full speed, and I was using the external mouse rather than the touch pad. All of these things run through batteries.

We ended up arriving SFO about 30 minutes early, and Cheryl's flight was delayed getting out of Boston, with the result being that she was just getting over to Terminal 1 after her United flight when I arrived. A routine travel day. We stopped for burritos at Chipotle on the way home, and cranked up the cricket match when we arrived home; however, both of us were eventually drawn toward our computers to check our e-mail.

Of course, it figures that the day in which I get a row to myself on the flight, I wasn't at all tired. I am pretty tired now, though.

No more time zone changes for me for a while, I hope.

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