December 12th, 2007

Kevin Standlee

The Lab Doesn't Know Me

I have my quarterly -- and two months late because I forgot to make the appointment after the last one -- diabetes checkup next Monday. As is usual, I needed to go have blood drawn a few days before the appointment for some lab tests. This is a fasting blood draw, so as I'd eaten at about 10 PM last night, I couldn't go in before 10 AM today. I showed up and after escorting me into the blood draw room, asked for my lab work papers.

"I don't have any," I said. "This is supposed to be a standing order."

They had no records of any standing lab work orders and told me I would have to call my doctor.

I shrugged, said, "Okay, I'll leave now," and abruptly picked up my stuff and left, leaving the technician a little open-mouthed. What was the point of standing around arguing with her?

Going in to my office, I called my doctor's office and explained the situation. A little while later, they called me back and said that the order has now been placed, and I can go and have the blood drawn. But by then, as I was really hungry, I had eaten, so now I have to wait until tomorrow morning. Oh, well, it shouldn't be too much trouble. It's not uncommon for me to have blood drawn in the morning and have an e-mail telling me the lab results are ready by that evening.