December 22nd, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Rained Out

As I've written before, Lisa's home in Oregon is a 29-foot travel trailer, parked in front of the old family homestead, now used only for storage, as her parents built a smaller, more manageable, and more modern house on the opposite side of the property. A couple of years ago, she built a shelter over the trailer from metal pipe, wood, and plastic sheeting. Unfortunately, a tree branch damaged the shelter last month, breaking one of the metal struts, which led her to take the whole thing down. (It's built in such a way that it loses stability without all of the sections in place.) But she wants it repaired, to keep the rain off the trailer. She'd already purchased replacement pipe sections, and if the weather permits, I'm supposed to help her rebuild the shelter while I'm here. Unfortunately, this is something you want to build when it is not raining, and it started raining shortly after I arrived and didn't let up much of the day. So instead, we went into Stayton and laid in more groceries for the holiday weekend, but otherwise stayed inside all day. A drawback to the trailer is that there isn't a lot of room for storage, which makes laying in supplies challenging.
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